DSGPay at BOT Digital Finance Conference 2023: Achievement Recap

The BOT Digital Finance Conference 2023 was such a successful event! As one of the leading digital payment solutions in Asia, DSGPay had an opportunity to exhibit our services and technology at the Bank of Thailand Learning Center on 14-15 September 2023. We’d like to take you on a journey through this remarkable event where we showcased our commitment to revolutionising cross-border payments.

About BOT Digital Finance Conference 2023

Bank of Thailand hosted this fascinating event with the aims to promote the development and the adoption of innovations and financial infrastructure, to share knowledge on innovations and fintech development and to show the potential of Thailand’s financial systems in fast shifting towards digital finance, contributing to driving the new financial landscape. The conference was attended by financial institutions, payment service providers, fintech companies, and other private and public stakeholders.

A Booth with a Purpose

The DSGPay booth at the BOT Digital Finance Conference 2023 was one of the most visited booths at the event. Attendees were drawn by our bright colours and striking branding, but most importantly, our booth created a buzz due to its focus on cross-border payments. Our team was present in full force, showcasing the power of our payment platform and our solutions for businesses and customers alike. Our booth presented multiple use cases for cross-border payments, including the ability to enable merchants to accept cross-border payments from customers at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods, as well as providing customers with faster, cheaper and more secure ways to make international transactions. Attendees were able to experience our technology firsthand, and our team provided them with in-depth explanations of how DSGPay could transform cross-border payments.

Meeting the Deputy Governor Financial Institutions Stability of BOT

The DSGPay team was honoured to have the opportunity to meet and engage with Mr. Ronadol Numnonda, Deputy Governor Financial Institutions Stability of the Bank of Thailand, at our booth. This meeting was a significant moment for us, as we had the chance to present and explain our innovative cross-border payment solutions to a key figure in Thailand’s financial sector. We discussed our vision of creating a world where cross-border payments are seamless and affordable for everyone. The conversation also touched on how we could collaborate with organizations like the Bank of Thailand to bring this vision to life. The meeting was insightful, and we look forward to the possibility of further discussions and collaborations that can emerge from this engagement.

Engaging Activities for Thoughtful Networking

While DSGPay at BOT Digital Finance Conference 2023, we’re not just about business transactions; we’re about building connections. Our engaging activities, such as claw machine games where people can win DSGPay merchandise, not only attracted visitors to our booth but also fostered a fun and friendly atmosphere for meaningful networking opportunities. We have a variety of merchandise to offer, from polo shirts and mugs to plush dolls.

We want our guests to leave with something special, so at our booth, we offered a delightful treat – they could try our favourite local snack, pork rind! Not only did it make for a tasty gift, but the friendly chats around these treats also gave them a glimpse into what DSGPay was all about.

Stay tuned for more!

DSGPay is dedicated to constantly improving and innovating our technology and services, and we can’t wait to share our future developments with you. Thank you to everyone who visited our booth and supported us. Stay tuned for more exciting events from DSGPay as we continue to revolutionize cross-border payments and connect with more businesses and customers worldwide. Our team is constantly seeking opportunities to showcase our solutions and technology, and we look forward to bringing our innovative ideas to the forefront of the fintech industry. Make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms for updates, and get ready to join us for more impressive events in the near future!

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