2018 BOT Top Thai Fintech

In 2018, DSGPay had the exciting opportunity to participate in the Bangkok Fintech Fair, an event organized by the Bank of Thailand (BOT) that highlighted the rapid changes occurring in the financial sector. The fair aimed to raise awareness of financial technology among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and consumers, providing DSGPay with a remarkable platform to showcase its innovative solutions and compete among the best in the industry.

The Bank of Thailand emphasized three crucial policy dimensions in the evolving financial landscape. Firstly, productivity aimed to increase efficiency, reduce costs, enhance value, and boost production, with SMEs benefiting greatly from these advancements as it facilitated their access to global markets. Secondly, building resilience involved developing new risk management products to effectively mitigate unexpected risks, including the implementation of identity verification technologies such as facial recognition and iris scanning. Lastly, reducing disparities in accessing financial technology was a priority to ensure the widespread distribution of its benefits, with efforts made to make it accessible to a broader audience.

Financial technology played a crucial role in reducing disparities for individuals in remote areas and foreign workers in Thailand, enabling them to access and benefit from financial services more effectively on a global scale. This also extended to SMEs, who stood to gain significant advantages. Financial technology helped reduce costs, enhance competitiveness, and enable efficient data connectivity through cloud-based systems. These systems efficiently stored data on the internet, connecting networks worldwide and providing real-time data updates.

During the Bangkok Fintech Fair 2018, DSGPay had the honor of being selected as one of the top eight Thai fintech companies out of 50 applicants. This recognition highlighted the exceptional quality and potential of DSGPay’s services in the ever-evolving fintech landscape. DSGPay took pride in being acknowledged for its commitment to delivering cutting-edge financial technology solutions.

Being chosen as one of the top Thai fintech companies further solidified DSGPay’s position as a leading player in the industry. DSGPay recognized the transformative power of fintech and its potential to bridge gaps, improve efficiencies, and drive financial inclusion. Through its innovative solutions, such as mobile payment systems, QR codes, and data connectivity, DSGPay aimed to empower individuals in remote areas, foreign workers in Thailand, and SMEs to access and benefit from financial services seamlessly.

The achievement received at the fair served as a catalyst for DSGPay’s efforts to provide cutting-edge financial technology solutions that enhance efficiency, security, and convenience in transactions. DSGPay remained dedicated to pushing the boundaries of financial technology, delivering outstanding solutions, and contributing to the advancement of the fintech ecosystem in Thailand and beyond.

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