2017 DSGPay CEO

In the year 2017, Dwight Willis, the CEO of DSGPay, took on an esteemed role as the Head of the Committee on Technology within the Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce (AustCham Thailand). Established in 1977, AustCham Thailand has been instrumental in boosting bilateral trade and investment activities between Australia and Thailand. As the first Australian Chamber formed in the ASEAN region, AustCham Thailand is dedicated to supporting businesses from both countries in their pursuit of engaging in trade and investments. Leveraging its extensive network and expertise, the organization serves as a valuable resource for those exploring cross-border opportunities.

The primary focus of AustCham Thailand is to provide high-quality and constructive input in the development of policies that impact businesses, whether formulated by the Thai or Australian Governments. Additionally, the Chamber strives to contribute to the advancement of the shared relations between the two nations, recognizing the significance of strong and mutually beneficial ties for economic growth and prosperity.

In line with its commitment to enhancing commercial collaborations, AustCham Thailand appointed Dwight Willis, the CEO of DSGPay, as the Head of the Committee on Technology. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, Dwight Willis draws from his current position as the CEO of DSGPay, an international payments platform with offices across Southeast Asia. With over 30 years of international banking experience, including prominent roles in major global banks in London, Sydney, and Singapore, and an additional six years of fintech startup experience in Thailand and Asia, Willis brings deep industry knowledge and valuable insights to AustCham Thailand.

Willis’s involvement in AustCham Thailand extended beyond his leadership role in the Committee on Technology. Previously, he headed the AustCham Technology Subcommittee for three years, spearheading various technology-focused events. His dedication to promoting technological advancements and fostering collaboration within the business community was evident in the initiatives he championed. Additionally, as he was based in Chiang Mai, Willis played a pivotal role in helping AustCham establish a robust presence in Northern Thailand, leveraging the region’s economic potential.

The appointment of Dwight Willis, CEO of DSGPay, as the Head of AustCham Thailand’s Committee on Technology showcased the company’s mission to drive innovation and contribute to the development of the fintech landscape. DSGPay’s expertise in international payments, combined with Willis’s extensive experience, positioned the company as a valuable contributor to AustCham Thailand’s efforts in advancing technology-driven solutions and enhancing business collaborations.

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