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Payments & Collections

Money Collection & Payout Solutions Built for Scale

+20,000 companies, merchants, and customers use DSGPay for faster collections, virtual accounts, and API payments via the most reliable payment network in Asia.


It takes more than money and infrastructure to expand into Asian markets.

Varying expectations, cultural barriers, regulations, and compliance hurdles require time, money, and attention. Things that your company could be spending on doing what you do best

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Made in Asia, Built For the World

We’ve done all that hard work for you.

Being based in Asia, DSGPay has solved all the challenges in each individual region and built a network that is ready to serve help scale your business in the biggest growing market in the world.

Get access to integrated local payment methods, compliance and reconciliation suites that are fully customizable; all wrapped in an award-winning API that is adaptable for all regions.

We make it easy for you

Payments and collections


Smarter Payments & Collections for your Business

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