Position: Marketing Administrator

Job description

Start your adventure with DSGPay as our new Marketing Administrator and become a key member of our energetic team in Chiang Mai. In this role, you will be crucial in supporting our marketing efforts. You’ll manage administrative tasks, help with marketing projects, and contribute significantly to our digital content and event planning. Your ability to organize and your creative ideas will be key to our success.


  • Prior Experience: At least 3 years in a marketing or administrative role.
  • Knowledge of Marketing Principles: Good understanding of office management and basic marketing.
  • Tech Savviness: Able to use document creation, spreadsheets, presentations, marketing software, and comfortable with online applications, especially Google’s services.
  • Organizational Skills: Strong organization skills with a focus on customer needs.
  • Language Proficiency: Good in writing and speaking both English and Thai.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Great at communicating and working with a team.
  • Educational Background: A degree in Marketing, Business, or a related field is a plus.

Openings :

Key Responsibilities

  • Administrative Support: Assist the marketing and digital marketing team with organizing schedules, coordinating meetings, and handling team logistics.
  • Marketing Material Development: Contribute to the creation and updating of marketing materials, including presentations, guides, and decks.
  • Data Management: Set up and maintain data tracking systems, and gather and organize performance data for analysis.
  • Execution of Marketing Strategies: Support in implementing digital marketing strategies, and assist in collecting data for optimizing these strategies.
  • Communication Management: Manage communications with potential industry partners and stakeholders.
  • Marketing Channel and Content Support: Help in managing the content calendar, and support in researching effective digital marketing channels. Schedule and publish social media content, and monitor engagement.
  • Social Media Management: Be responsible for daily updates on social media channels.
  • Event Coordination and Research: Identify relevant conferences and events for team participation, manage attendance and follow-up activities. Research and find significant events and conferences for the team.
  • Reporting: Generate reports on website, social media, and email campaign metrics.
  • Email Campaign Management: Compile targeted email lists for upcoming campaigns, including organizing a large number of leads.

About DSGPay

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Chiang Mai


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