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Empower Your Business with the Leading Payment Service Provider in Asia

Revolutionize your online transactions in Asia with cross-border payments, collections, and virtual accounts. We have built  a payment gateway in Asia that connects you with the vast market of billions of consumers and businesses both within the region and worldwide.

Four blue rounded squares are connected with a circle in the middle
Four blue rounded squares are connected with a circle in the middle
The Thai temple located in the northern part of Thailand. Which is also where DSGPay, the leading payment service provider in Asia, is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Four DSGPay employees are working together as a leading payment service provider in Asia.

Made in Asia,
Built for the World

Our headquarters are located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with a regional presence established through offices and personnel in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia.

Our diverse team, consisting of individuals from varying countries and cultural backgrounds within
the region, brings a comprehensive range of expertise in the Asian market, foreign exchange, and international payment methods.


Years of Experience

10 Billions

in transaction Volume


Countries and Growing


Global Partners and Payout Agents

Trusted with Billions of Dollars of Payments

We process thousands of payouts and collections in Asia every day via our multi-currency virtual accounts in Hong Kong. You can access our services via our state-of-the-art APIs or our mobile, embedded finance applications and our own DSGPay mobile and desktop applications.

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Real-Time Efficiency

DSGPay has integrated real-time transaction capabilities (for payments and collections) into numerous Asian local payment networks.​

Industry-leading technology 

Using DSGPay’s state-of-the-art API, embedded finance applications or DSGPay mobile and web-based solutions.


Driven by exceptional uptime and a commitment to operational and technological excellence.

DSGPay supports 
a broad range of customers.

Regardless of the industry, we provide comprehensive coverage.

Payment Providers/Digital Wallets

Grow your network and provide your merchants direct access to local payment and collection rails in Asia. Our multi-currency virtual accounts provide centralized support for your local currency needs with advantageous foreign exchange rates, facilitating real-time transactions and collections.
Our platform can accommodate both high-volume, low-value transactions and larger amounts for USD SWIFT clearing.


If you are a fintech company changing the world of insurance, wealth management, capital markets, trade finance, foreign exchange, broking, or offering other financial products, DSGPay can give you access to international payment solutions to help connect you to your customers in Asia and expand your business to the fast-growing Asian markets.

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E-commerce/ Online Checkouts

Are you an e-commerce platform looking to expand into Asia? DSGPay offers the perfect solution with our virtual payment technologies that make it easy to integrate Asian payouts and collection rails with customers. Unlock the potential of e-commerce and online checkouts with our secure and reliable local payment rails and open banking solutions in Asia.

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Mobile/Online Games

Do you need to connect directly to your gamer customers in Asia. Whether South Korean Lineage W@ fans or Roblox@ fanatics (and their parents!) in Indonesia, we can provide you with
real-time local collection rails via our API’s, embedded finance applications and mobile applications to connect you directly with your gamers.

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Get in touch with our sales team to learn how we can serve your business today.

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